The official start of summer….

So it is officially here, the start of summer and what a beautiful weekend it has been. Things are hotting up for us, getting busy and Little Awaries is almost ready and can be booked in advance if you fancy a little quick, resonable get away and like it on the quirkier side. We are […]

Our little Studio…

We are really getting there now, windows in, beautiful cedar wood on the front. A fabulous contrast between old and new. Hopefully will be available to rent from the end of April/beginning May. We will keep you posted. Will have to give himself extra strong vitamins or energy boosters next few weeks. The warmth is […]

The season is upon us……

Well, the season has begun and we have just said goodbye to our second set of guests for 2018. It comes around so quick. Our new little project, Our Studio, should be ready to be launched by the end of April, all going well. I have included some pictures to show you how it is […]

Welcome to my First Post!

Welcome to my very first post! I am nervous and excited at the same time. We have successfully renovated a thatch Irish cottage from the inside out and are on to a little studio now. I love interiors, house things and am addicted to pinterest and second hand sites. If you would like to see […]